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On 17th April 2013 I launched a new magazine called UFO TRUTH MAGAZINE. 

The magazine is an 96 page colour bi monthly magazine available online in all portable formats. 

I have put together an impressive list of acknowledged experts in the field.

The first issue was released on 25th June 2013.

Overseas Columnists:

AJ Geveard (Brazil)

Peter Robbins (USA)

Bill Chalker (Australia)

Roberto Pinnotti (Italy)

Mary Rodwell (Australia)

Suzanne Hansen (New Zealand)

Carl Nally (Republic of Ireland)

Dermot Butler (Republic of Ireland)

Pia Knudsen (Denmark)

Thiago Ticchetti (Brazil)

UK Researchers and columnists:

David Cayton

Richard D Hall

Alan Foster

Steve Mera

Brigitte Barclay

Dave Hodrien

Other Researchers who will provide occasional contributions:

Robert Salas

Robert Hastings

Grant Cameron

Bernard Thouanel

Steve Bassett

Peter Davenport

Clifford Stone

Richard Dolan

Stanton Friedman

Ted Phillips

Tim Good

Specialist contributors:

George Filer (extracts from Filer's Files)

Robbie Graham - Silver Screen Saucers

Dave Taylor comic book grahic artist